So Do You Wanna See?

The renovation is almost done. Just need to finish the base boards! So here are some pics.

Renovation Finished
Renovation Finished

Notice the baseboards are still missing. We bought the wrong size baseboard, so we had to go get more, and repaint it, and it’s currently drying. Should go up pretty quickly tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to finally share pictures. I still have a little touch up painting to do. Maybe I can get that done tomorrow between church services. The walls are called Sun Dried Tomatoes. It looks almost black in this picture. It’s actually a beautiful deep red color.
The finished floor
The finished floor

Doesn’t it look pretty? I am so pleased. And it looks so clean right now. LOL Sorry about the flash, the room is pretty dark this time of night.
My sorting system
My sorting system

Those are #3s clothes all sorted and waiting their turn. She didn’t get her laundry day due to the broken drier. She sorted her clothes and took her hamper back upstairs. Notice the kids need to put away some clothes. I have been lax on that this week, and they’ve been warned to get on it. πŸ˜‰ I admit, there are a few of my things in there too.

We Won!
Squared. First the high school team won last night despite the cold and the rain. #1 and #2 had their ACTs this morning. Then tonight #3’s team she cheers for won 24 to zip! Our first win since the beginning tournaments. It was a perfect day for football. It was about 55F, sunny, a little breezy. One of those days where you just need a light jacket and a windbreak.

The kids cleaned up the house today while I went to the store, so we are back to square one, full pantry, clean house. Hubby finally got all the parts he needed to fix my drier, which had been dead for the last few days, so it is running full steam ahead.

I am feeling a little better today. Energy level is still pretty low. I think just getting the house cleaned up, groceries bought and having some fun has helped a great deal. We have a really busy week ahead of us, so I am glad that we got some of the basics taken care of today.

Having a working Utility Room definitely makes a big difference in how smoothly things run and I am so glad to get everything out of the kitchen and back into the UR so the kitchen can run smoothly too.

Didn’t get any genealogy done today, but did call mom while I was grocery shopping. We gossiped and I restocked and she avoided cleaning house for about 90 minutes. I call that productive. πŸ˜‰

Have a great genealogy weekend. Post a comment and let me know what you are up to. Hopefully you are more genealogy productive than I seem to be lately.


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