The Year of Me

At the first of this year, I declared it the year of me. Now I know, we are supposed to be a me generation, but I am a mom, teacher’s aide, Christian, wife, pet owner… In other words, I do a lot of stuff for a lot of other people and very little for me.

What made me decide to do this was I realized I was doing a lot of stuff that frankly I resented doing, because I had agreed to do it because no one else would. Women can relate to that sentence. Few men can.

So I started making a list of all the things I was involved in and I decided which I was doing because:

  • I felt led
  • I wanted to
  • I needed to
  • I realized I felt led to work at the preschool. Yes, led by God to help the teachers there. I kept the job. I realized I had agreed to teach preschool music, because no one else would. I resigned. I realized I wanted to do the audio/visual stuff at church. I kept it. I realized I needed to keep my house cleaner and more organized, so I used the extra time to focus on doing those kinds of things.

    So after the first of the year I told everyone about the year of me and I began the process of dropping things from my to do list. And since the year is 10/12s of the way over, let me tell you how it’s gone.

  • I am happier.
  • I am lighter (15 pounds to be exact, despite not dieting and rarely exercising. I can only attribute that to less stress)
  • I get more done
  • And I do a better job when I do a task
  • Things I dropped have been picked up by people who love doing it. Instead of me being a warm body, they are led to be there.
  • My marriage is better. Could be the lighter part, or it could be the happier part, but I think it’s the more time part.
  • I am now free to do the things I want to do. Wednesday nights aren’t dreaded now. I spend them with Hubby. The kids go to church, but Hubby and I spend them together. I don’t feel guilty, because I know I am doing the things at church I am led to do. God did not call me to do every job that a church creates. He calls me to worship Him, cherish my husband, and my children and to honor my mother (my father is deceased).
  • I am blessed by free time and others are blessed by service in positions I was filling unhappily before.
  • Yes, it’s been the year of me. That might sound selfish, but really it’s not. It’s about reevaluating where God wanted me to be in the next decade. He wanted me to spend more time with my children, two of which will be heading off to college soon. He wanted me to help teach preschoolers about Him, while renewing my own spirit each day with Christian women. He wanted me to renew my marriage. He wanted me to be happy.

    The year of me is almost over. Next year will be the year of #1, who will graduate. He also turns 18 in January, so he deserves a good year. It’s been fun. I will be using the changes I made this year to shape myself in the coming years. Even though the year of me is almost over, I think the attitude that I am worth saying No, will stick with me for a long time.

    Are you worth a year of You? A year of evaluating what makes you happy, what you are led to do, what you want to do? I promise it will be worth the time and effort. And you just might bless someone else in the meantime. It’s not about being selfish, in fact you may find you are called to do some of the things someone else is already doing. But it’s wonderful to spend time in prayer about what God really wants you to be doing. I believe we are called to be wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, teachers, students. We are called to care for our home. We are called to our hobbies, we are called to anything we do to give honor and glory to God. Being miserable and trudging on because no one else will is not a calling. It is martyrdom. When we martyr ourselves, God does not get glory.


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