There is nothing on earth more boring than painting baseboards and the job never ends. I mean you start in one corner and work your way to the door. Now there’s a whole ‘nother room that has at least four walls with baseboards and every door has another room. It never ends.

So you guessed it, I am painting the trim in my Utility Room. I think it takes the IQ of a knat to paint trimwork. Any more intelligence than that, and you would lose your mind doing it long time. No wonder painters always have a radio on full steam. They need something to save their sanity.

But I admit that the white trim is making the room look brighter. I had a little more red to do, but ran out of rollers, and wasn’t going to drive all the way to town for a roller. So I started working on painting trim. I got one door and one window done. You’d think I had ran a marathon by how tired I am. πŸ™‚ I still have four more doors to go. Why did we think we needed so many doors in this house? What were we thinking???

Hope you had a good genealogy day. I have a new cousin. She was born this morning. Mom and baby were fine when Mom talked to them. I am going to call her mom here in a little bit and check on her. Okay, I will do anything to stop painting, but you got to admit a new baby is a really good excuse. πŸ™‚


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