On to Christmas

With the election finally behind us, we can start looking towards the holidays.

What are you, as a genealogist wanting for Christmas? Here’s my suggestions for those of you buying for a genealogist.

  • IPOD or MP3 player. If your genealogist doesn’t already have one, they might appreciate one to listen to all those genealogy podcasts.
  • Good Digital Camera. For all those family reunions, tombstones, research trips.
  • Access to their favorite genealogy site.
  • Gas cards-need I say more. 🙂
  • Me, I want money to purchase more microfilms. I want to order some for use after the new year.
  • Trip to the homeland. For those of you with really deep pockets.

    No matter if you were disappointed about the election or thrilled, you’ve got to admit it was exciting and now it’s time to get back down to business. We only have 23 days to find a good Turkey, and the fixings, find the leaf to the table, invite the cousins and start cooking. The holidays are coming.

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