She’s on to me

#3 has been grounded from the computer for not keeping her room clean. I was feeling generous today and decided to give her a reprieve for the weekend. Then I visited her my space page. I don’t have access, I can just see what’s the public can see. She won’t invite me to join her.

But here’s the thing, on my space you can see the person’s mood, when they last logged in and a cute saying about themselves.

She got grounded Monday. She last logged into my space on Wednesday. Her mood was “Sneaky.” And her message announced that she was grounded.

So I let her use the computer tonight, but I let her know that I knew she’d broken the rules. So now her mood is “Blank” and her message is “Blank.”

Yup, I think she’s on to me. She knows I can see that opening page, so she’s not going to post any thing worth while on it now. Fine, I can wait. She will lose interest in me soon. She’ll forget I’m looking and she’ll post about some boy, or why she was late Friday night. I know, because her brother and sister keep me more informed on their my space pages, than they do in real life. These are kids who tell me most everything. (Things I really don’t want to know, like who in their anatomy class has had sex.-Thankfully not them or anyone in their crowd.)

So her mood is blank. Mine is too. If anyone asks, just tell them I am Blank today. Plan on being Blank tomorrow, but maybe Bland on Monday. I like a little variety in my mood, ya know.

At any rate, her room is cleaned again. And it’s the weekend so I am willing to let her have a reprieve, it being her first grounding and all.

Have a good Blank day.


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