We Lost! Football season is over!

Every year the kids start out excited about a new school year, new football season, marching, etc. But by mid October, they are growing weary of the constant practice, football games on Friday, competitions on Saturday. They are ready to be teenagers and have some down time.

Last night was our one and only tournament game. We lost. This means that #1 and #2 are finished with football. #1 wants to get a part time job. #2 wants to hang with her friends. I just want them doing their own laundry for a change. 🙂

#3 still has two more games and then possible tournament games. She’s ready to be done too I think. Once the weather gets really cool, my kids become home bodies. It’s really cool today.

There is some bitter sweetness to the last game though. #1 won’t march another football game. He doesn’t plan on being in the band in college, so he is officially done marching on Friday nights. While I know he’s ready to just be a spectator at a game, I know he’s going to miss the excitement. But I am so proud of him.

So now we have to fill our Friday nights with something besides football. And we can sleep in on Saturdays. Past 6:30. Maybe even as late as 9 am! Ah, a mom can dream.

Today we are planning on getting laundry caught up. I got behind a little somehow. #2 missed her day entirely. And the kids need to clean their rooms. They are marching in the Veteran’s Day parade this morning, so when they get home, they will need to clean their rooms and then they will probably go to the movies or something fun.

Me I plan on working on a Marriage roll tonight. Just me, the computer, my new heating afghan, and a roll of marriages from 1804-1870s. Ah, that’s a genealogist’s life!


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