It Looks Like Snow

I hate winter, always have. I get it from my paternal grandmother. She hated winter. She would stand in front of her space heater all winter and wait for spring. I am already counting down the days until May Day. In case you are wondering, it’s 180 days.

Today was one of those cold wintry days that makes me long for spring. It was cold. The skies were dark, and the puffy gray clouds looked like they were full of snow. It got colder as the day went on. The sun never came out. (At least I am told it didn’t.)

I have been feeling really good lately. Each day, my energy seems to return a little more, then this morning, like a freight train, the fatigue hit again. I struggled to get out of bed to go to church. By the time I got up, I had given the devil more excuses about why I should stay home than he’d given me. I wasn’t feeling good, it was cold, I was in a mood. In Sunday School, I wondered if anyone would notice if I laid down in the floor and took a nap. In preaching, I fantasized about a pew to myself to just shut my eyes. I tried to follow the sermon, but it was a struggle. As soon as we got home, I went straight to bed. Slept like a log. I want to blame it on the weather. This is hibernating weather. I would have been a great bear. I would have eaten twice my weight in food by now, and I would be asleep in my cave waiting for the first thaw. I would even have an excuse for being grouchy come early April. Yup, I would have been a great bear.

Yup, it looks like snow. I think it’s going to be a bad winter for those of us who love Spring time. The early snows in the North are not boding well for those of us in the South, who are more accustomed to ice storms than snow drifts. Hubby assures me that our propane tank is full, and I will put in a good stock of candles and flashlights. Thanks to my mom, we have lots of warm quilts already. Far more than someone living in the south ever needs. I am prepared for winter, but I dread it all the same. I love the heat of summer. I love wearing a light shirt, shorts and no shoes. I hate gloves, hats, winter coats and being cold and wet.

On a good note, though I have the next two days to practice being a bear. I can stay at home, snuggle beneath a quilt and read a good book or two. And remind myself that soon it will be warm again.


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