What a Productive Monday

I think that nap yesterday did me a world of good. Hit the ground running this morning. The kids left around 7:20 and I read my book under the covers until 8. Ah, that was so nice. Then I got up and got sheets in the wash. My bed is already freshly made with clean sheets and comforter. I have had my shower and am fully dressed. Downstairs is nice and clean, washer and drier are all going. Dishwasher is washing away at the dishes I picked up as I cleaned. I still need to sweep and mop kitchen, though I may not mop. I didn’t see anything that really needed it and since it’s wood, I try and only mop when absolutely necessary.

I did some dusting of my Christmas nativities in my bedroom today. I will be getting a few more out of their cabinets and setting them around soon. I collect nativities so I love to keep them out year round. I have three curios full, and the shelves on our entertainment center as well. The curios keep me from having to dust those little figures so often, usually I do that the week before Thanksgiving and then set a few out when I decorate. I dust them again after new years when I put them away and they are good to go for the rest of the year.

I am now working on a marriage roll, fixing some sources to look the consistent with other sources from that roll. I have a few errands to run in town and I think I am going to do those soon, and grab some lunch. I am waiting on the AC guy, but I doubt he will come during the lunch hour, so its a good time to head out.

My to do list today is kind of long. I have several things that have come to the top of the list that are once a month or every other week, and they all picked today to need doing. I am also working on yesterdays list since I didn’t do any of it yesterday. Not too worried, since I also have tomorrow off for Veteran’s Day.

At least I have the energy today to work on them. I just do them and click them off the list and remind myself I won’t see that chore for another month. 🙂

It’s sunny today and I think that has to do a lot with my attitude. I love sunny days, even if they are cold. I seem to get a lot more done when the weather is nice. Hopefully I will fill in a few marriage dates I am missing. Still waiting on the familysearch site to finish Tennessee 1870. I have read the rolls where I think Susan might be living, but am hoping their new index might lead me to her where Heritage Quest and Ancestry haven’t.

So I hope you have a good genealogy day and a productive Monday.


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