The Super Organized Mom

Wondered where I have been for the last few days? Well, our cell phones came in, hubby had a birthday, the kids needed new clothes…

As I have said in other posts I use Outlook 2007 religiously. I keep a calendar in my purse for when I go to doctor trips, but I was having trouble making sure I got the two synced. So I was starting to double book myself. Not good.

So I decided I was going to treat myself for Christmas this year and finally get one of those smart phones that run Windows Mobile 6.1. I decided on the Moto Q. Now there are a few things about this phone I don’t like, but today’s post is about those that I do.

First off, I synced it with my computer and now my contacts, my calendar and all my tasks are in my phone. No more extra calendar!!!

So how is SOM (super organized mom) making the most of this new gadget?

  • 1: “What’s for Dinner?”-All moms are faced with the problem of not only “What is for dinner?”, but do I have what I need in the house to feed my family what I picked out? About two years ago, I set down and made a list of 21 meals that my husband and family would eat. (Eat out is included twice in that list). Next I went to Outlook and on each day I created an all day event that repeated every three weeks and named it after each one of those meals. Which worked great when I was home all the time, but now that I work, “What is for dinner?” is on the computer and I am at work. The store is halfway between the two.
    So yesterday we went to the store. I pulled up calendar and walked through each day this week.
    Sunday-Steak and potatoes, Monday-BLT, Tuesday-Little Smokies in BBQ sauce, Wednesday-Kids eat at church, mom and dad on own, Thursday-Lasagna, Friday-Grilled Chicken Salad, Saturday-Breakfast for dinner. I needed to get some steak, bacon, potatoes, the smokies, a lasagna and some salad stuff. (Yup, the man will only eat meat.) I was in and out of the grocery in 10 minutes. Food is ready for the week and fresh. Texted #3, who was with dad on the other side of the store, to come pick out lunch foods and #2 to go pick out some shampoo and conditioner, and we met at the designated aisle ready to check out.

  • 2: “What needs to be done today?” Tasks I need to do each day are right there for me to work on and mark complete as I do them. That worked great with the computer, if the tasks were things that needed to be done at home, but often the task was ‘go to the bank’, and I would get home, and realize I forgot to go to the bank and have to drive back to town to do it. Now I can do it on the way home, and save gas money. Plus I can see how much stuff I need to do that evening when I am working on point 3.
  • 3: “Can You Come Next Tuesday at Two?” Overbooking myself will be eliminated now that I am only carrying one calendar. Plus I can see if I am going to be really busy next Tuesday running other errands and I can move things around or just say “No, I have another appointment.”
  • 4: “What’s Aunt Ethel’s phone number?” My contacts were always in Outlook, some were in my phone, I quit carrying a paper phone book when it became obvious that my family are nomads. Now I can easily edit a contact without scribbling out the old name, and I don’t run out of space. And if Aunt Ethel calls me, adding her to the contact list is simple as saving the number. Plus if I add new ones to Outlook, I can easily sync the two lists together.
  • 5: “Where are You?” My kids are texters. They always have their phones on and they are constantly texting. Now I can send them a text to come home (without having to hit the same key over and over- full QWERTY keyboard), clean their rooms, unload the dishwasher…

    I did not get Internet on the phone. I have no need to surf the web at work, or in the car. When I travel I take my laptop. And our home Internet is about the same price as putting Internet on this one phone. I like the size. I come from the days when a princess phone was small. These newer gadgets are just too small. I lose them in my purse. Not to mention the distance from my ear to my mouth is larger than that.

    So what did I do with all that free time? I took a nap. Of course you say, why didn’t I think of that. Even SOM takes a Sunday afternoon nap. Remember, it’s Biblical.

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