World’s Sexiest Husband…

Don’t tell People Magazine, or the newspaper, but I married the World’s Sexiest Man. Now this guy is no Tom Cruise, but he understands what it takes to be sexy to average stay at home mom.

1) He does not leave dirty clothes in the floor, not even socks. He not only puts them in a hamper, but he has three hampers and he sorts them out for me so all I have to do is wash them.
2) He does his own ironing. I haven’t ironed his clothes since #2 was born. She drives.
3) If I say I am had a really bad day, he always goes to his secret chocolate stash and brings out my favorite chocolate.
4) He knows what my favorite chocolate is.
5) He will take out the trash or get a kid to do it even when it’s not totally full.
6) He can vacuum.
7) He not only knows where all the dishes are found when he’s hungry, but can find them when the dishwasher needs emptying.
8) He buys flowers for me, because he had a bad day, and figured I might have too.
9) He loves my dog, even though he’s a cat person.
10) But the number one reason he’s so sexy is he loves my parents. He doesn’t just tolerate them, he loves them.

Now ladies, don’t come rushing over to get this guy. He’s mine. He’s balding, middle age, and can be a little grouchy late at night. But he’s the most sexiest man in the world to me. And never once have I had to tell him to not jump on the couch.


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