Putting up the tree

I used to hate putting up the tree. Our tree is large and I like lots of lights, so it was an all day affair of me putting in one row of branches, then lights another row, rest…

But last night the girls got home from shopping and they put on some music, and while I rested with a migraine, they put up the tree! Now we just have to find time to decorate it, but the worse part is over. But so is their childhood. I mean they are old enough now to put up the tree all by themselves without any supervision from me, and it looks like they did a dang good job. And no one got sent to their room.

When they were little I would put the tree up while they were at school or preschool and then rest so that when they all got home, we could eat a quick dinner and then impatiently they would wait while I unwrapped each ornament, told it’s story and then handed it off to the proper child to put up. In a few more years, they will all be in homes of their own, and I will be putting up handmade school ornaments without eyes all by myself. Or maybe I will go to a theme tree, where all the bulbs, lights, and ornaments are brand new and all a certain color. Or maybe I will finally do that family tree Christmas tree I have dreamed about with pictures of my ancestors on each branch. (The dead guy tree is what the kids call it.) Or like my mom, maybe I will buy a ceramic tree, set it on a table, and put my presents under the table cloth so the room stays clean. đŸ™‚

So the tree is up and now the Living Room is a disaster. What it it about putting up a tree that makes so much mess? No wonder forests are so dirty. If one artificial pine can make this much mess, imagine what hundreds of live ones can do.

The kids still have two more days of school, so I am going to have some me time before they are home. Not that it matters all that much these days, they either aren’t home, or all their friends are here. It’s feast or famine, when it comes to company these days. But I don’t mind the kids being here. They crank up Guitar Hero, and I can get some things done. Who ever thought up this game is a genius. Let teenagers play musical instruments to a video game AND make the songs hit songs from when their parents were teenagers. Mom and dad will love the music, the kids will love the game, you’ll make millions, and they seem to have done just that. And the kids don’t mind if I sing a little Cindy Lauper, as long as it can be really loud.

So I am excited. The tree is up. The presents are in my shopping cart at Amazon and Christmas is just (thanks to the woman in front of me at Target yesterday) 32 days away. I’m in such a good mood today, I might just start singing White Christmas before the day is over. The Dean Martin version where the words are held out just a little too long and you really need a martini to do them justice, even if you don’t drink.

Yup, the tree is up and no one has been sent to their rooms. It’s going to be a Silent Night at our house soon.


One thought on “Putting up the tree

  1. Hey pallie, loves your Dinoref…no one sings winter likes our Dino….never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool…………oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth…..

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