Decorations, Feet Up…

Man, what a busy day!

Saturday, #3 had her cheer party. We were gone all day, so, of course, none of my Saturday chores got done. No biggy, I am off all week. I wanted to enjoy the time with my girls. We saw High School Musical 3. Let’s just say I don’t care for musicals, the girls loved it. And we ate a fancy lunch with her friends. The weather was beautiful and we all had a blast. It was a day the girls will remember for a long time. Just them and their moms.

Sunday, my great Aunt had her 90th birthday. We had a two hour drive, so once again we were gone all day. No Sunday chores got done either. No biggy, I wouldn’t have missed her birthday party for the world. If I had to list ten people who’d most influenced my life, she’d be on the list.

So I got up this morning and realized I needed some serious alone time. Been a little a lot grouchy all weekend. I am one of those people whose batteries charge by being alone and I have had no alone time lately. So I watched TV and snoozed (mostly snoozed) until 10 am. Heaven!

I had to go to Target, Walmart and Home Depot. First stop, Target. We bought new Christmas lights this year, since I was seriously afraid the old ones were going to burn down the house, and one of the boxes said Red, but was actually Blue. I had to go to Home Depot to get a new faucet, which I didn’t get, because they didn’t have any white ones. Our old faucet died when hubby took it off to put in the new sink, so we had to buy a new faucet as well. So much for saving money on that project. It was pouring rain and so I forwent my trip to Walmart. Figured milk could wait.

#2s boyfriend’s Great Grandmother passed away Sunday. The boys had to come home for school today, while Mom stayed there, so I wanted to cook dinner for him and his brother. I texted him and he said they were available, so I raced home and started cleaning house. The boys are accustomed to my house being messy, and helping to get it that way, but I had invited their Dad too and wanted him to be able to walk safely. 😉

Did I mention the girls had made a mess while putting up the tree? Well, let’s just say mess was an understatement. Their brother helped me get finished when he came home from school and now they belong to him. I told him he could determine when and how they would be punished. I am too merciful…

But I did get the downstairs cleaned and decorated, got supper cooked (early even), we all ate (dad didn’t get to come, but at least he would have been able to walk) , and then hubby put on the new faucet (not white). The kids are watching Wall-E.

I got all my Saturday chores done. All my Sunday chores done. Got some Christmas shopping done. Got my inside decorations (except for decorating the tree) done. And got most of today’s tasks finished as well. So yup, I plan on propping up the old feet and watching…
Well, actually I will probably be asleep in 30 minutes. 🙂

They say it’s a good kind of tired. I don’t know, just feels like tired to me. But at least tomorrow all I have to do is laundry and a craft at #3’s school. Should be a much quieter day. Now on Wednesday I am going into that room #3 calls a bedroom for a little decluttering and cleaning project. If you don’t hear from me by Saturday, send out a rescue squad.


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