God, I Love Having Teenagers

I have always decorated our front yard for Christmas. Full Nativity, lights on the porch, the whole nine yards. It’s usually a three to four day effort to get everything out of the attic, plugged in, lights tested, wired, taped…

But this year, the kids and friends brought every thing down, set it out, and got it wired for me. I will need to do some light testing probably and still haven’t decided what to do about the porch. I was leaning towards not doing it and then realized I had bought new garland last year, so now I am feeling a little guilty. 😉
My husband’s family are all coming here for the first time for Christmas this year, so I am really leaning towards getting that garland up. Maybe the kids can be talked into doing it tomorrow. I am going to cook their favorite dinner tonight and try out my best bribes. Maybe I will pay for them to go see Twilight
(note: We decided to drape the garland and put the lights on it. It looks lovely.)

I so love having teenagers. Like every mom, I enjoyed the baby stage, but I was always worried about the baby getting sick, or not spending enough time with them, despite being a SAHM. Then I loved the preschool years, but again, I was always stressed about the house being dirty, or laundry. The elementary years were good, but I had a newborn, so I was really back in stage one. But nothing compares to teenagers. They cook, they clean, they do their own laundry, they can drive, they are fun to hang out with…

My SIL and I were sharing with her cousin how great having teenagers is. She has elementary age children. Sure kids that age are sweet and lovable, but give me teenagers any day. My nieces are in college. My SIL assures me that while high school is good, college is far better. My other SIL has a grandchild and she assures me that when the time comes, I will love that stage the best, but I am not so sure. It sounds a lot like stage one again. 😉

Now my house is decorated on the outside and in. We just need to keep all the kids at home long enough to put decorations on the Christmas tree.

We’ll be having guests this year for the very first time! I am so excited to A) not having to travel and B) have people to see our decorations and C) they are all up! Three days early! I feel so in charge.

Thanks kids, Mommie really appreciates all you did today. It was the best Christmas present you could have gotten me. Of course, if the garage were cleaned out too… 😉


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