The Perfect Find

Saturday I finally decided to declutter my office, instead of the nap. For the most part I am one of those people that has a place for everything and everything must be in it’s place. But for some reason my office has never fallen into place, despite numerous attempts to clean and organize it.

While I was working on it, Hubby decided he wanted to head to the thrift store. When we married, I was used to a big family, but I wasn’t used to spending my entire year’s pay on Christmas gifts. He comes from a big family and about 18 years ago, it seemed to be growing at a really crazy pace. He has a brother, two sisters, 4 nieces and nephews (plus our three), the inlaws and the parents.

To cut costs, we tried drawing names. We were terrible at it. For one thing, no one could remember who had what name, and my MIL could never find where she’d hidden the list, as if knowing who had what name was top-secret information. For another, we were literally living on the four corners of the earth, and some people couldn’t come for Christmas, so they’d have to mail their gifts and their gifts would have to be mailed, and MIL wasn’t good at remembering who got what either, bless her heart. Plus that added to the cost of the gifts.

So then I suggested, tentatively, that we try goofy gifts. At the time, we had two infants, one income and the family was growing fast. (Not to mention my side and two children who wanted cool stuff from Santa). I feared that this family that had embraced me for nearly a decade would send me packing, but instead they embraced the idea of goofy gifts like no family could. The rules were simple. 1) Don’t spend over $5-10, unless you have a really good story to justify spending more. (I once bought a ceramic penguin for $12, but the story from the guy about how it was obtained was priceless). 2) Someone has to want it. (Man have we pushed them limits of that one over the years. πŸ™‚ ) 3) You must take what you get home. (Okay I admit we did forget ours one year at the parents. πŸ˜‰ )

Goofy gifts worked great. You only need to buy one if you can come for Christmas. If #1 brings his girlfriend to Christmas, we don’t have to feel bad about her not having a gift from us, nor does she need to buy for 17 people. In fact, she can go through my attic and save a trip to the store. πŸ˜‰

So hubby wanted to hit the local thrift stores to see if we could find any good goofy gifts. I bought mine last year at the after Christmas sells, it’s pretty in a Whoville sort of way. LOL So I went along, because I was bored and stir crazy, and am I glad I did.

As you know if you’ve been following long, I have my own microfilm machine and I purchase microfilm to do my genealogy research. I was looking online for a cabinet to put the microfilm in, but besides being 1) costly; as in thousands of dollars! and 2) Butt ugly, I hadn’t really found anything I liked.

So we are walking around the thrift store and hubby is mumbling about the different things he saw that would be perfect goofy gifts. I won’t tell you what he bought, since his family may be reading, but I found the most perfect pine dresser. It has one broken drawer, but it’s hardly noticeable. Several others are a little worn and it appears at one time it had been allowed to sit in water, because the pine paneling on the sides is beat up, and it needs pulls. But the dresser itself is in perfect condition. At least to me it is. It’s one of those real wood, solid as a rock pieces of furniture that you can’t get anymore.

Now I will not only have a place to put my microfilm, but it will have extra drawers for school supplies, my three hole punch, games and other things that make my office look cluttered even when it is perfectly clean. All for the grand total of $40 + pulls. Now hubby told me I should have tried to negotiate the price down, but I thought that was very reasonable and it was already after closing when we bought it.

We couldn’t get it Saturday because we were in Hubby’s car so I had to go get it today. Which is why I love my van. It will hold anything. Including this:

It didn't come with the plants and tree. They are for goofy gifts.
It didn't come with the plants and tree. They are for goofy gifts.

So I set the pretty little tree on it, I will put our goofy gifts around it and enjoy my present I bought for myself this year. Organization in a dresser.


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