It’s Friday!

At school are busy preparing for Christmas so we made Reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees. Haven’t seen Santa yet, but I know he’s coming.

On the home front, #1 apologized for his bad attitude and Hubby is taking me to dinner and a movie tomorrow, so I am thinking I should have killed the House Fairy a long time ago. LOL

The house is so quiet right now. No one but me is home and only the drier is going. I have to fold Hubby’s towels and dry some of #3’s clothes that I had her bring down this morning. I think she may be hoarding dirty clothes because I have way to many hangers in my Utility Room. Extra hangers make me nervous.

I am babysitting my practice grandchildren tonight, so we are going to order pizza and watch Rudolph and Frosty and any other Christmas movie that’s appropriate for a three year old. Their mother is my best friend and she lets me practice spoiling her kids until I am old enough for real grandchildren. They are three and five. We’ll probably eat way too much junk food and stay up way too late, but it’s only once a year.

I am still working on organizing my office. The dresser filled up fast, but it is so nice to have my filing cabinet back. That’s where I was storing all the extra pencils, pens, paper etc, and now it’s all in the dresser of organization or DO as it is now lovingly being called.

I am almost done Christmas shopping. #1’s birthday is right after Christmas, so I am trying to get his birthday stuff done as well. I think I am pretty much done with #3. Hubby is ordering the stuff for #2 and I need to find something for mom to open that she can play with Christmas day. She wanted a GPS, but that’s not going to be much fun to play with on Christmas day. She’s so hard to buy for because she has everything and works at Walmart, so she sees things as soon as they come out.

I am glad it’s Friday though. It’s been a really busy week and I am ready to have some free time.
Hope your weekend is a fun genealogy weekend.


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