A 40 for two 20s

When I was a little kid, dad used to tell momma he was going to trade his forty for two twenties. Mom would look at him as if to say go ahead and try. He always said it in a way that you knew it was something slightly inappropriate, even though you had no clue what it meant.

As I got older I realized that he meant he was going to get two younger girlfriends for my older mother. He never did. He kept his 40 even as she became 50 and 60.

But today I found out Hubby has traded me for two twenties. Actually he got a real bargain he said. He got a 16 and a 17 year old for his 40. Now before you guys send Hubby hate mail let me explain. 😉

Last night the practice grandchildren were watching a video in which the kids got a wishing box for Christmas. With the wishing box, you wish for whatever you want and the box contains whatever you wished for. So I asked hubby what happened to my wishing box. He replied that for some reason, it was always empty these days. Then today we went shopping for the kids and he suddenly looks at me and says “I know what happened to your wishing box!”

“What?” I said, hoping he’d found it. “I traded it in for two twenties,” he said. “Or more correctly, an eleven, a sixteen and a seventeen.”

So it seems I’ve been replaced. Hard to be jealous of your own children. And at any rate, I figure in a few years I will trade him in for a few ones. 😉 Hopefully a whole passel of them.


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