The World I Want to Live In

When #1 was in Kindergarten, his best friend was a little girl called “S”. He and S were best buddies and he talked about her constantly. I knew a little about her having met her and her mother at a few school functions. She seemed like a sweet little girl.

One day the teacher sent home an assignment. They were to compare and contrast two things. I saw this as the perfect time to learn more about S.

So I asked #1 to tell me three things about S that were the same as him.

He thought for a while and then replied:

  • She is in Mrs. W’s Kindergarten class just like I am.
  • She’s about to get a baby sister, just like I am. (or a baby brother, he quickly interjected)
  • She likes worms
  • I thought, “You go S, the way to a Kindergarten boys heart is through his worms.”

    Then I had him list three ways they were different.

  • She’s a girl and I am a boy.
  • She likes cheer leading. (He sighed)
  • She likes to talk and I am shy.

    So I waited to see if he had anything to add, and when he didn’t, I said, “Well, I can think of one more thing, but I am not sure if it’s the same, or if it’s different, so you tell me. What about the color of your skin.”

    He looked at his little hands and thought for a long while. Then he said, “It’s the same, of course, S has dark brown skin, and I have light brown skin.”

    Yup, that’s the world I want to live in, where we are all the same, just different shades of brown.

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