Why I No Longer Send Christmas Cards

Back when #1 and #2 were really little, there came a Christmas when I was really stressed about my giant to do list for Christmas.

  • Buy and wrap presents
  • Sign, address, mail, remail Christmas cards
  • Decorate
  • Make cookies…

    One night hubby suggested we go to a log cabin in the mountains and enjoy the holiday together. Mom agreed to keep both kids. Love ya, mom! While we were there, I was planning on doing the cards, but I wasn’t enjoying the holiday, because I was so stressed about all those cards that had to be signed. Then addressed and then mailed.

    Hubby, being a man, had to solve the problem for me and he suggested that instead of sending Christmas cards to 200 odd people, many of whom wouldn’t even know who we were, why not pick one person on my list and call them and talk for as long as I wanted. I picked two and called and we talked for what seemed like forever. The long distant call was far cheaper than the cards, postage, time…

    That was when we paid $.10 a minute for long distance. Now we have free long distance on our cellphones. So this Christmas, I am going to call a few of my cousins, and my best friend and talk for as long as I want. I will be able to hear their voices and catch up on the last year instead of sending them yet another copy of my signature.

    Now I like a good letter, and I love getting emails from my cousins especially with news of a new grand child, or a better job, but Christmas cards are such a waste. You get a box of cards for around $10 (or even more). You sign them. You, then spend another $.42 to mail the card and hope that it doesn’t come back undeliverable.

    So now I just have to find the time to call and hope they have the time to listen. 🙂 Growing up we were so close. They practically lived with us, and we were more like siblings than cousins. Today we only see each other a few times a year. I plan on using my rollover minutes this month to call and catch up. And I don’t plan on being stressed about it at all. If one cousin is busy, I’ll just call another.

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