Out of Routine..

I have really been out of routine this week. My normal morning routine is get up and shower and dress for work. Fix breakfast, read email. Then I check the Tennessean for obits and the Daily News Journal out of Murfreesboro, TN. Once that is done, I check the Whollygenes forum and then if there’s time, I will surf the net a little.

With #2 being sick yesterday, I decided to fix her some Jello. I keep Jello on hand for sick tummies. I had realized recently that it has been a really long time since anyone at our house has had a tummy bug. I try and keep my pantry rotated out, so that our food is always fresh, and had been meaning to do the top shelf where I keep the Jello. So last night when I kept finding expired Jello (2006), I decided that it would be a good time to declutter that area from old food. Apparently it has been close to 3 years since anyone at my house was either sick, or craved Jello. Like my normal morning routine that has gotten off track this week, my pantry needed some attention. It’s not good for my family to eat old food. It’s not good for my genealogy to miss out on obits.

So tonight I am working on getting back on routine. #2 is slowly feeling much better. She’s eating real food again and complaining about what I fixed for dinner. šŸ™‚

First I will be checking the obituaries. Then I plan on looking at the forum and then I am going to work on marriage records. Routine is healthy for me because it helps me to eat right, sleep right, exercise. Routine is healthy for my family because it keeps old food from my pantry. Routine is good for my genealogy because I find time to research when the rest of my life runs smoothly.

Yup, been out of routine lately. Hopefully we are back on track again. So far no one else is showing signs of getting sick. Keeping my fingers crossed, and washing sheets. Gotta get rid of those germies. LOL


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