Christmas Chores Done

I love Christmas. Being a Christian, I love celebrating Jesus’ birthday. I love the songs, the lights, the smells, the good cheer. But like most moms, I hate the shopping, wrapping, bills. So today I got the last socks and underwear bought and took the girls to get presents for their friends. I still need to wrap everything, but for the most part we are ready for ole’ Saint Nick to make his nightly run.

I like getting my Christmas chores done early in the season. Then I can focus totally on the Christ child. I can enjoy the carols at church without worrying about what I am getting #1. I can drive around and look at the lights without worrying about what I am serving for Christmas Eve dinner. And today I can do genealogy and not worry about whether the nativity in the front yard is out. Yup, today I can just have fun, listen to the Christmas carols on CD, and look up ancestors marriage records. I may have the girls bake come cookies tonight just to get that lovely aroma in the house, though the taste of chocolate chip cookies wouldn’t be a bad ending to dinner. 😉

I hope you are prepared for the holiday and can take some time to just enjoy it as well. To read the Christmas story. My favorite verse is “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19” Today take some time to treasure up all the things of your Christmas holidays in your heart. Take some time to create some family memories for your children.

Some of my favorite memories of Christmas as a child.

1) Daddy always decorated the roof with a full Santa, sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer. He would put lights on the house. A nativity in the yard. We were lit up like the airport, and yet no one came to our house on a dirt road 1/2 mile off the main road but family. Daddy and Mom did this for me.

2) We always had a live cedar tree. Every year they got bigger and fatter. Daddy would set it up in the Living Room right by the fire place. By New Years, it would be so dry that it’s a wonder it didn’t go up in smoke. Two Christmases before the tornado hit, we had an uncut tree. Mom planted it in the front yard and it grew like crazy. The roof of our house was on it after the tornado.

3) The Christmas after the tornado, I was ten. Too old for dolls, yet too young to admit it. Daddy wanting to make up for all my loss, bought me two dolls that Christmas. He continued the tradition until 1992, when with two small living dolls of my own, he started buying me Nativities. The more unusual the better. After his death, mom has continued the tradition. Many of them stay out year round in curios all over my house. The Fontanini set Mom bought the year after he died has it’s own curio and will always be prominent in my house. It reminds me of not only Dad, but Mom as well.

4) When the kids were born, Mom, Dad, and Bubba came to our house on Christmas Eve, so they could see Santa come to #1, and #2. When my brother became to sick to travel, those were the loneliest Christmases ever. Now Mom comes alone. Hopefully we will be able to continue this tradition for a very long time.

If you ask me what was the best Christmas gift I ever got, it would be hard to say. The year after the tornado was certainly the most memorable, since I got so much to replace what had been lost. #1 was born three weeks after Christmas, so that was a really good year, though being too pregnant to travel and not having any family close sucked from October to January.

The worse Christmas was when #3 was a baby and we had an ice storm, with no lights on Christmas Eve or for a week afterward. Everyone had gotten something electronic that Christmas, me a new laptop, #1 got a PlayStation. We couldn’t use anything. #1 declared it the worse Christmas ever. Even though it got up to 70 degrees on Christmas day, enough to ruin our turkey on the back deck, we didn’t get power for another 7 days. We finally went to a hotel, so we could shower and use the kids toys on day 4. That was the best hotel bath we have ever had. LOL

I hope you and yours are having a good Saturday. I pray that Christmas will be good for you and that you will be blessed. I pray that you know personally the Savior for whose birthday you are celebrating. Jesus really is the reason for the season.


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