Genealogy Productivity

I have a fun week coming up. Only have to work a few hours on Monday and a few on Tuesday and then I am off for the holidays! I am looking forward to a little genealogy free time. Today I am making the most of a cold Sunday by working on Marriages.

First I did a LIST OF EVENTS in The Master Genealogist for all events that:

  • Were in the Marriage Group
  • Were >= 1845
  • Were <= 1856
  • Contained the word Rutherford in the place.

    That gave me a list of all marriages (34 to be exact) that were between 1845 and 1856 in Rutherford County, TN. Now I am looking at the marriage rolls for not only those 34 men and women, but also their brothers and sisters.

    I can keep my list (in Excel) open on my secondary monitor and TMG open on my primary monitor and the marriage book open on my microfilm machine.
    I have my heater blowing on my feet to keep me toasty warm, and a heating pad on my back so I don’t get muscle strain. I have found 4 marriage records this afternoon alone.

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