Three whole Genealogy weeks.

Tomorrow is my last day to work before the holidays. And then I will be able to do whatever I want for three whole weeks. Making good progress with the marriage rolls. Added 39 new marriages in the last few weeks. Some needed dates, some needed places, some just needed sources. It’s fun to just be doing new research. Hopefully Santa ordered the microfilm I asked for.

Its so nice today. It’s rainy outside, so I am sitting here with my heater on my feet, my computer and microfilm reader going. Catching up on the Soaps. Haven’t seen them in over two years and yet nothing much seems to have changed.

So if you need me in the next few weeks, I will be here, reading my email, hopefully building some cemetery pages, reading some marriage rolls, surfing the net, listening to some good genealogy podcasts.

As soon as Christmas is over, I plan on starting back on my scanning project. I’ve been on it for years. I want to get started again now that my filing cabinets have room for all the paper work. I was using them to store extra file folders, pens, notebook paper, etc but have moved them all to the Organization Dresser (OD). Now that I have room as I plan on moving all the scanned stuff from one filing cabinet to the other. Then I will be able to see my progress and will easily know what is in the computer and what is not. I have done a fairly good job with mom’s side of the family and a partial job of dad’s, but my in-laws stuff has just been filed. I want to get it all in the computer so I can start new research on all my lines.


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