I’m Dreaming of an Old Fashion Christmas

Sunday our children’s choir at church performed their Christmas special. It was beautiful, had all the makings of a Donny and Marie Special. The kids were all smiling, dancing, singing together, in tune… The ladies who put it on are extraordinary. They work long hours with the kids making sure they each hit their marks. And they did. Perfectly.

Today is our program at preschool. It’s an hour long telling of the Christmas story in song. The kids will have on costumes and they will march in and hit their marks perfectly. The ladies who run our preschool music are professionals who are totally underpaid for the hard work and stress they are under. The program will look professionally done. The parents will be pleased. The kids will remember getting candy.

But what I am looking for is an old fashioned Christmas. Where the wise men get in a fist fight over who will give baby Jesus their gift first, right there on the alter. Where baby Jesus will wake up and scream bloody murder over the fact that his disposable diaper is wet. Where one angel swaying in her nervousness, will poke another angel in the eye with her wings. Where one shepherd will say the wrong lines, and another will correct him.

Yup, I love the programs the kids put on. They are spectacular and the work of the wonderful ladies involved shows through. But I miss those Christmases where wise men who were barely potty trained carried myrrh made of macaroni, and where shepherds with crooks could actually capture their little brother, the sheep, by the nape of the neck right as the angles are singing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”. I think I miss kids programs put on my real kids.


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