My So Called Leisurely Day…

I think I have forgotten how to goof off. When I stayed home, I could take hours to piddle, but now I am so used to going, going, going that when I have time to piddle, I can’t seem to do it. My plan for this week was simple. Wednesday, paint baseboards, genealogy…Thursday, clean downstairs, get ready for company… Friday, grocery store, #3’s Christmas party at school.

But I got up this morning in a mood to go somewhere. Since I needed to go to the bank, and Target to get a ham, (the opposite direction from the store) I decided I’d go do those two chores and get out of the house. So money is in bank to pay on Christmas, and ham is in fridge. I’d already read my email, surfed the net, found about ten marriages while I waited on the time for the bank to open. I was driving into town with that feeling of running late, and realized it was 9:04 am. LOL So much for running late.

Came home and started on my Monday chores. Didn’t do them on purpose on Monday, since I had to work and I knew I had a three day break coming. It’s amazing how much stuff we have sitting around in stacks around here. Hubby is my stacker. If he doesn’t know where something goes, he stacks it. So today I have been getting rid of all the stacks. Did some real decluttering in my office, so that it wouldn’t look so busy. Did some major destacking in our bedroom. He loves to stack up stuff in there. 🙂 The room actually looks larger, I swear.

Washed a few clothes and did the puppies sheets. He needs a bath, but with it raining, it would do little good, so he smells, well, like a wet dog, and so did his bedroom. So I washed the sheets and mopped the floor. I will probably stick him in the tub tonight when he comes in, since he’s really muddy today. It will do little good, but I don’t want a smelly dog sleeping on clean sheets. 🙂 I used to feel that way about the kids when they were little. When I washed sheets, everyone got a bath. Whether they needed it or not.

When I need a break, I have been working my way through the marriage rolls. I have added almost 50 new sources, since I finished my last challenge. Getting ready for a new challenge in January, keep checking back.

Washed the birds cages. The parakeet loves to take a shower when I clean his cage. He’s so funny putting that little breast of his up to the water sprayer. He got a good bath and a clean house, so he’s probably going to take a long nap this afternoon. I worry about him getting sick when it’s this cold out, but I figure he enjoys it so much if it makes him sick at least he’s happy. Birds outside are getting a bath today without indoor heating and they all seem fine.

I do have to get some presents wrapped tonight. I hate wrapping presents, so that’s my biggest chore of the day. Since I am getting all the house hold chores done today, maybe tomorrow I will be able to take it at a leisurely pace. But knowing me, I will find something to keep busy with. Would very much love to take a nap this afternoon, but that will depend on the state of #3’s room. I am determined she will have a clean room when her grandparents come Saturday if I have to remove everything but the bed and the dresser.

The kids are probably going caroling tonight. I am looking forward to a nice warm bed in my new destacked room. Didn’t sleep at all last night for some reason and it’s catching up with me.


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