Christmas Past

The first few years we were married, Hubby and I were still Tennesseans. Even though I was in beauty school 8 hours a day, and then worked 8-10 hours each night, every weekend we had off, we would head to his mom’s or mine. We married in August and by December the schedule was literally killing me. But it was Christmas and I wanted to be home, so I got off early one Friday and we headed home. As we were driving on icy, wet streets through the mountain in Fayetteville, TN, we passed a house that had those really old Christmas lights that were the size of a twenty watt bulb.

There were red, green, yellow and what had once been blue lights on the house. But the blue lights had faded to a light purple color. I was leaning against the window, watching the world go by, dozing and I opened my eyes just as we got to this house, and said, “You know you are old when your balls are purple.”

Hubby began to swerve off the road he was laughing at me so hard. I was so tired, I hadn’t even realized what I had said.

So this Christmas I hope you have a safe and merry trip if you are traveling, we are not. I hope Santa will bring you all that you want. And I pray that your balls are not purple…
Merry Christmas


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