Celebrating Christmas

I haven’t posted in a few days, because we have been so wonderfully busy. Friday was the kids last day of school, so Hubby and I had our breakfast date, and did some grocery shopping and then #2 and I went to #3’s Christmas party at school. It was such a good time for the kids, who will all move to middle school next year. They have the sweetest teacher in the world. We’ve been so blessed in that area. After school, we had some rest time before Choir practice.

After Choir practice, there was a 50th wedding anniversary party at the church, so Hubby and I stayed, so they could use the spotlights. THen we rushed home to get the kids and went to the church where I work.

They were having a Journey to Bethlehem. When #1 was a baby, we took him to one in Murfreesboro, TN. The church there was large and they had real camels, and donkeys and food from the Holy Lands. This was the first year this church had done it, so their presentation was not as large. But it was still awesome. The acting sounded so normal, and they had dried fruit for you to taste, and real ladies making yarn and spinning it, and a lady grinding Frankincense and Myrrh. I am so glad we got to go because it certainly brought the story of the birth of Christ alive.

We were the last group to go through, because I got the time wrong, and so the workers were coming through the maze they had set up right behind us, and since most of them know me, they just joined our group. I could tell #2 was really into it, when their youth leader took her “papers” and showed them to the Roman guard as his, and now she had no papers. She panicked, because she didn’t think she’d be able to go with us to Bethlehem. LOL She was so totally into what was happening.

Of course, all the papers were exactly the same, so he handed them back to here and the “guard” let her pass. My children have heard the nativity story is so many ways over the years, movies, readings, little children Bibles, and this just added one more facet to their experiences.

Saturday was our Christmas party with Hubby’s family. We do goofy gifts, the more hideous, the better, (I’ll post a picture later). Each family group brought a part of lunch and we had sub sandwiches, and chips. They came to our house this year and it was so nice not to have to drive home. After they left, Hubby and the teenagers loaded the chairs we had borrowed from church and I washed up the few real dishes we had messed up. Then #3 and I watched “Horton Hears a Who”. #1 took his girlfriend to the movies and #2 went with her boyfriend to his family’s Christmas. I know it sounds hectic to say we had 17 people in our house, but it was actually very relaxing. My in-laws are really fun people. We all laugh and tease each other, and no one yells, or drinks or goes off in a huff.

The best part was my nephew brought his little boy who is two. He’s the best behaved two year old I have ever met. He entertained everyone with his stick horse he named Jake, after his granddad’s donkey. He and Jake rode all over the house. I admit I was nervous with a two year old in the house because let’s face it, we are no longer baby proofed, but I shouldn’t have worried. I gave him a nativity and one of the girls dollhouses and he had the best time making wise men jump off the roof. LOL Boys!

So Sunday will be our church’s choir special. I am in charge of the video so I have already heard it once through and it sounds great. I hope no one is sick today (I am fighting a migraine) and they all can sing out. Then I promised #3 we’d go get a present for the puppy. I know it’s not about him getting a gift, but about her having something to give. I have always just bought stuff and let the kids wrap it, but she loves picking it out, so I am going to have to remember to let her do her own from now on.

Tonight is our Candlelight service. It’s always so peaceful and calm so I am looking forward to it. Especially now that the kids are big enough that I don’t have to worry about them burning down the church!

Mom is coming on Tuesday and staying until the 26th. I am going to let the girls bunk together and she will stay in #3’s room. The girls tickle me, because no matter how they keep their room, when mom comes, she must keep it immaculate. They are constantly cleaning up after her. 🙂 If only they were that picky the week before she came.


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