I asked the kids what they wanted to do today and they all said, “Sleep!!” So I am going to have a nice genealogy morning all alone, while they sleep in. When they get up we will do a little straightening and then they can just hang out, while I have a nice genealogy afternoon. I am planning on finishing the marriage rolls this week and hope to get my sources up to 3100 by Christmas. Got about 50 to go.

For those who do goofy gifts, this is one of ours.

The kids have been calling him the saber tooth-weasel-lion. He has one broken tooth.

So have a good genealogy day. I plan on trying to see how many of my ancestors marriages I can find this morning, and then will do a little genealogy cleanup this afternoon.

If you haven’t checked them out Family Search put up thousands of family histories last week. I found the one I needed that proved how I was related to Abraham Lincoln. I had seen it years ago at the library when I was in TN and couldn’t find it locally to refer back to. I hope to have some time while I am off to search them and see what else I can find on my older family lines.

So come by and quietly leave a comment. I want to hear what you have to say, but please don’t wake the kids. LOL


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