All I Want For Christmas is a….

When #3 was about 3 or 4, we took the kids to see Santa Bob at the mall. #1 and #2 had a full list of things they wanted for Santa to bring and were excited to make sure he heard all of it.

Finally it was #3’s turn with Santa and he asked her what did she want for Christmas?
Her reply: A toothbrush

Santa looked at me like he hadn’t heard her correctly and asked her to repeat herself so that mom could hear. She replied, “All I want for Christmas is a toothbrush.” I was mortified. I just knew Santa was going to call DHR right there on the spot.

When we got in the car, we asked her why she asked for a toothbrush. Her reply, “I already wrote him a letter, but I forgot about the toothbrush.”

Oh no, what letter? “What letter are you talking about sweetheart, Mommy hasn’t seen a letter to Santa.”

“Of course not Mommy, you can’t read Santa’s mail.”

Needless to say, Santa brought the things she wanted that year and a toothbrush. But after that, all outgoing mail to Santa had to be proofread by mom. Can’t have them asking for puppies or ponies for Christmas. 😉


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