Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Hope Santa was good to you and yours.

I have decided to start a new blog for my cemetery pages. I have been putting a lot of thought into it and realized that with a blog, my photographers can help with the page building, my readers can comment on the cemeteries, and it will be easier to find pages with the surnames you are researching via the tag cloud.

So starting this morning, I would like to announce that Rutherford County, TN cemeteries has now moved to blog format at

I will keep the old websites up, and slowly will recreate the pages on wordpress as time allows. I am excited that Patsy Paterson, one of my main photographers has agreed to help build pages as well. Patsy does an awesome job on the photography, so I am looking forward to her blog posts.

And the best part in if you are researching that cemetery, you can post genealogical information, contact information, etc as comments to the cemetery.

I plan on working on an index to the three divisions of Rutherford County while I am off in the next few weeks so that you will be able to see the old pages and it will have links, hopefully to the new pages as well.

So as you can tell, I am excited about getting this new blog started. I can’t wait to see it grow and be something we Rutherford County, TN researchers can be very proud of.


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