A wonderful Christmas surprise

Hubby and I bought each other a DVD recorder so we could take all our home movies and turn them into DVDs. Years ago we had taken all my parents old 8 mm tapes and recorded them to Hi 8. Tonight he is recording those to DVD. I have watched those films for years and never realize there is about 20 seconds of my great grandmother on that film. There’s no sound, just her, but it was so beautiful. I was 11 when she died and loved her dearly. Of course, there was also my grandparents and my aunts and uncles all passed, but that one 20 second clip is such a treasure. Just think, that’s my children’s 2nd great grandmother!

Mr. Perfectionist will be playing with the tape for ages now until he gets it just right, but once he does, I want that section for my genealogy.

God sometimes blesses us in the oddest of ways. No amount of money could purchase what seeing her for that few seconds has given me today. If only those old films had had sound.


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