Renovating and undecorating

Hubby and I didn’t have much we wanted for Christmas. His mom gave us money and we used it to as he says to “buy peace of mind”, by having #2’s car worked on. My mom gave us money, so we went and picked out tile and paint for the powder room. Can’t wait until the tile store opens on Monday to see if they have it in stock. The paint is in the garage waiting on me to take down the wallpaper and Hubby to take up the vanity and toilet.

The kids have been out shopping and spending their Christmas money, so I started taking down decorations. Frankly, I enjoy them, but I am ready for a clutter free house. I am not a big fan of knick knacks. I have nativities I collect that are in curios and during Christmas I move them to every flat surface in the house. So today I started cleaning the curios and moving them back. As each room gets less cluttered looking, I feel like I can finally breathe again. How do people with lots of knick knacks handle the visual clutter?

Santa brought me 4 new microfilm rolls, a popcorn popper, Pocket Genealogist and an IOU for one tiled floor. He’s a good man. LOL So once I get all this candy out of the house (one bite at a time is my goal) 😉 I can start the new year with healthier popcorn snacks while I trace those elusive ancestors and will always have them with me on my cell phone.

While I am not looking forward to the work, I am very much looking forward to the new bathroom. It’s going to be a spring green, with white floor and accents. So tomorrow, I start stripping wall paper (again). Luckily this wallpaper was unpasted when we bought it, so it appears that it is going to come down much easier than it went up. I am hoping to get my part done, so that Hubby can use his days off next week to put down the tile if we can find it in stock locally. Then we’ll have it put back together before school starts back.

We had a good Christmas. Mom left late in the day after I fixed lunch and we had time to eat our fill. The kids had time to play with their toys some, and I worked on a few cemeteries for the blog. It was very quiet and peaceful. We played Aggravation on Christmas Eve and had a good time sending each other back again and again and again. #3 is quite the evil child when you play games. It’s funny to see not much has changed since they were little though. The oldest was never good at seeing strategies. His sister however has always been sneaky and always could see several moves ahead and the consequences to each. The youngest has always wanted to keep up with the older two and would give her eye teeth to beat them just once.

Looking forward to the New Year. It’s going to be a busy one. #1 will turn 18, graduate, go off to college. On the 1st, I will turn over my title to the year of Me to him. When you are 18, it ought to be a little about you, right?

Tonight I think I am going to rest and do a little genealogy. I want to finish the marriage roll I am on before I get out on of the ones Santa bought. Hopefully there will be goodies on it for me to enjoy in the New Year.


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