Back to Normalville

Hubby has to work tomorrow, but he has Wednesday and Thursday off and I think Friday for the holiday. The kids are home until the 6th. But I am ready for some normalcy. I love the holidays and the decorating and the songs, and the lights and the shopping (well almost), but like all good things, it becomes tiresome.

So today we are going back to Normalville. I plan on doing my Sunday chores, and hopefully having a little genealogy time before Church tonight. Got the Christmas comforter washing to go up for another year and will get down some blankets for those nights when you just need a little more. Trying to keep the electric bill in triple digits, as in under a $1000. (Actually would prefer about a fifth of that. 😉 )
Just working from a schedule makes life familiar and easy. I printed off our January menu and got it on the fridge this morning.

While I was waiting for services to start, I was reading through an Open Windows, which is a daily devotional book and it was talking about the Biblical reason for the Sabbath was for the family to rest, recharge, remember… Our family is Baptist, so we celebrate the Sabbath day on Sunday. We keep it Holy by going to church as generations of my ancestors before us have done. We, then, come home to rest, relax and recharge our batteries for the coming week.

My Sunday chores are set up to get me ready for the coming week, but are not something that requires hours of my time. I wash my sheets and replace the same set on the bed which requires very little effort on my part. I wash out the fridge, stove, microwave, etc because that takes less than 5 minutes and yet makes my week so much better with clean appliances to cook with. I water my plants, because that allows me to slow down and enjoy the blessings the Lord gives me. Then I usually will nap. I like to nap. Sometimes I deep sleep for two hours. Other times I just dose and let my mind go wherever it wants to go. Sometimes I just rest.

Yup, I am turning this car back on track to Normalville today. Normalville is boring. It’s predictable. It means I know whats for dinner, and who has to cook it. It means clean laundry, and time to rest. There’s no bright lights or loud music in Normalville, but we like it that way.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and we have celebrated not only the Christian holiday of Jesus’ birth, but also the more commercialized holiday of giving way more than you can afford.

But now I want to come home from work, cook supper, do a little laundry, read a little on my book and fall asleep around 8 pm.

#3 asked me was I going to put up my Valentines decorations just like the stores are? I told her no. There’s still New Years, my birthday, her brother’s birthday, her aunt’s birthday, her uncle’s (now deceased) birthday and 7 weeks till Valentines day and I had no desire whatsoever to put out decorations for it now. I promised her she could put them out on Feb 1. Until then, I just want a decoration free zone. 😉

So while Hubby sands the sheet rock he repaired yesterday, I think I am going to go check out the couch and see if the cushions are as soft as I remember them being from my last nap.

Have a good genealogy day.


2 thoughts on “Back to Normalville

  1. Amen to that! I was just wondering how I would describe how I am feeling and that would be it. (P.S. We communicated by email a little bit a few months ago, but I was overwhelmed by the changes in my life at the time…oldest moved to college dorms…wasn’t much of a correspondent! Please forgive me.)

    PPS…would you give me permission to link back to your post on my new blog…my post will be on the same subject…thanks! (


  2. That’s fine. I think most of us feel that way after Christmas. The holidays can be overwhelming, even when you are prepared for them. And besides if normal wasn’t what we preferred, we’d change normal. 🙂

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