Be Berry Berry Qwiet

(Okay that was my best Elmer Fudd impression)

#1 is up, since he’s updated his myspace page, or at least he was up some time after midnight. #2 is at a friends, and probably just now went to bed. #3 and her best friend stayed here and are still upstairs. I think they are up, at least one of them, but they are quiet, so I am pretending they are asleep. LOL

So guys and gals, what shall it be today? Wills and settlements, or more marriages-different county?

Hubby called to tell me he hadn’t finished sanding the powder room, so if I decide to do some painting today, I will need to sand first. Since he also didn’t remove the counter and the new counter is smaller, I am not going to be painting, until we have a discussion on what he wants done. So that means I have the day off to clean a little and do a little genealogy. Not about to run a vacuum cleaner until the girls show their faces. So….

What’s ya poison, marriages or wills? I figure which ever one I pick, I will be looking at it for several weeks, maybe even months, so I’d better choose well. 🙂
My other goal for the day is to find my under the desk garbage can. It seems that someone took it and didn’t bring it back and I am in such a habit of just dropping trash into it, that I keep dropping stuff onto my feet, because there isn’t a can there.

Uh Oh, I hear footsteps… Better get busy.
Have a great genealogy day.


2 thoughts on “Be Berry Berry Qwiet

  1. I vote marriages because this is the time of year for the new and what is newer than a marriage? You can imagine them starting their new lives together, hoping to be blessed with children perhaps? Moving far away or staying near family? The possibilities are endless and, at the beginning, so positive. So, I vote for marriage!

  2. Good reasons. I went with wills. LOL Though all I got done so far was to go to the index rolls and work on getting page numbers. Will have to work on the actual wills tomorrow.

    I spent most of the day on my Monday chores. I didn’t do my laundry chores on Saturday, so I have had a few extra loads today doing rugs and the puppies sheets. I cleaned his room really well, even lit a scented candle, so that the wet puppy smell would go away. May talk #3 into giving him a bath tonight. It was beautiful today for the first time in months, not rainy, so I have let him play outside all day. Which means my white angel will be a little brown devil. 🙂

    But all my Christmas decorations both inside and out are now all put away and the house has been cleaned for another week, so tomorrow I can go to the grocery and work my way through the wills. Dreading transcribing them. LOL But looking forward to seeing what they say.

    I would have probably picked marriages too except I just finished a roll that spanned 70 years, and I think I was a little burned out.

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