A Tiling We Will Go…

Wow, I got so much done yesterday. I didn’t get to the wills, but I did get the index roll down and made a list of my super 16 (the surnames of my great great grandparents) and looked those up on the index. Found out what I pretty much knew. No wills for Gee, McAlpine, or Victory, but did find some (not my directs) of Bennett, Carton and Lannom, so I do have some things to look up and transcribe today. After…

Go to Walmart and get groceries
Check out meat at new Publix (might have better meats, but the selection was crappy)
Go order tile for bathroom
Get gas
Get #1 to power washing deck
Put away groceries
Sew some draft dodgers for the doors (trying to cut down on electric bill)

So I have already been to the store, gas and Publix. Headed out now to order tile. The girls put away the groceries, and #1 is power washing the last of the deck. Wish I had done a before and after for you, because the difference is amazing.

Then I am home to sew and do a little genealogy. The kids are going to New Years parties, so I can spend New Years eve doing a little transcribing on some wills.

And from our out of the mouth of babes report:

Yesterday #3 had a friend over and they were doing what 11 year olds do best, eating me out of house and home. I am working at the computer and I over hear.

“Wow, is this what you really eat?” Friend exclaims. “Yes,” #3 replies in her best bored out of my mind voice.
“You really had Christmas crab?” Friend asks. “Yes” #3 replies.
“Wow, your mom is so organized, my mom never knows what’s for dinner. We only have crab when we eat at Red Lobster.” Friend says. “Well, my mom says if we plan our meals and eat at home, we can splurge on special meals.” #3 warming up to her subject, then starts to channel me, I swear. “If you eat at home, you save money, you eat healthier, and you spend more time with your family. By planning our meals once a month, mom always has what she needs to cook on hand, and food never goes bad. Because we aren’t eating out every night, we eat healthier and we can spend more time together.”

“Wow,” says her friend impressed, “wonder if my mom would start planning our meals.”

I swear they sounded like one of those 70s commercials made to promote public awareness of healthy eating with the crappy acting, except for they were totally sincere. Now I know that her friend’s mom is a good mom, who feeds her family well and they don’t eat out any oftener than we do, which made the whole scenario more hilarious.


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