The Weirdest Thing about taking Vit D.

For a while now, my doctor has had me taking Vitamin D. When they first tested my level was 19. They put me on a supplement of 50,000 IUD a week. The second time it was 36, so now I am on 2000 IUD a day. I definitely notice a difference in my energy level. But I have also noticed another weird thing.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone that helps to keep our bones and teeth healthy, but it also helps mood. Lately I have noticed I will be feeling perfectly normal and will have a wave of euphoria pass over me. Suddenly the grass is greener, the house seems cleaner, Hubby is better looking, the kids seem better behaved. LOL It usually only lasts for about 2 seconds, but it feels weird. It makes me wonder, am I slowly getting happier and are these odd moments just an extra rush through my bloodstream of the Vitamin D that eventually is going to be a full time feeling? Along with more energy and I going to get more perky? God bless my poor family. LOL

Vitamin D is also supposed to help with weight loss. With Christmas, I haven’t noticed that plus yet. Instead I haven’t gained any weight with the holidays. Hopefully after the new year, I will experience that as well… But if not, maybe I will just be happy that I am overweight. LOL


5 thoughts on “The Weirdest Thing about taking Vit D.

  1. OMG! I need Vitamin D! The never-ending snow, the never-present sunshine, and the constant stress have worn me down. I’m trying, but I don’t have a lot of oomph! How did I not know about it?

  2. We changed doctors and the new one did blood work. My old doctor thought every thing was depression and wouldn’t look beyond the symptoms to see anything else. The new doctor looked at me, and said, let’s do blood work.

    Where you live and your fair skin, you are perfect candidate for low Vit D. I’d call the doctor and request a blood test. Especially if like me, you are tired, have trouble getting going, but really want to and don’t feel the emotional side of depression. I am not saying to not treat depression. That can be dangerous. But so can not treating low vitamin D.
    I must say, I feel so much better and I don’t think I would make it through all this rain without it. Much less your snow.

  3. Bought some Vitamin D today…I am tired, have trouble getting going, not depressed (seen that in hubby and son, so know I’m not there)…had my thyroid tested and I’m fine. Except, I know I’m NOT fine…

  4. Erin,
    You really need to have it tested. When I first started, I had to take a prescription for 6 weeks because mine was so low. I had to take 50,000 IUD for 6 days and then have it retested. Now I have to take 2000IUD. But each person is different based on the test results.

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