You’ll Never Guess…

but it’s raining again. I now know what it feels like to live in the rain forest without the trees, cool animals, healing plants or warmth. Let the dog out this morning to play and he turned around and set on his butt, threw his head back and howled for all his worth. He is now back in his room taking a nice dry nap.

My plan for the day is simple. I have to go to work for a few hours to help the teachers get their rooms ready and then home to do Monday chores. I don’t plan on it being a really hard day, just cleaning, dusting, mopping, bed making. The kids are spending the night with friends, so I pretty much have the place and the dust bunnies to myself.

Mom is coming Saturday to celebrate our December birthdays, so I just want to be back to normal around the house. May get in some sewing tonight.

So I am off to the races. Hope you have a good genealogy day. I just want to get back to a routine and the ebb and flow of normal life. Three weeks in winter is far to long to be off. I wish we’d go back to long summer breaks and get rid of all these winter holidays. Whoever thought of year round schools should be shot. Give me 180 days of straight schooling and then a nice long hot summer break any day.


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