6 Inches…

No, I am not turning into one of those spam e mailers, six inches is how much rain the weather forecasters are calling for today.

Now just when you think you can’t take anymore, friends have a way of showing you that you can. I like to think that God speaks through those around us.

I’ve been busy lately and hadn’t visited some of the blogs I like to read and I missed this post by Erin over at Nagle 5 News More snow means… Notice the first picture where there’s at least a FOOT of snow on the eve of Mr. R’s house.

Thanks Erin for the post. I’ll be praying for you guys to get some sun shine, and even though I won’t be thankful that it’s raining again today, I will be thankful that it’s not snowing. Six inches of snow in the deep south might as well be an avalanche. They close the roads here if there is just talk of snow and a certain someone who will celebrate a certain birthday Saturday is accustomed to birthday snow even here in the deep south, so I am thankful they are not calling for 6 inches of the white stuff. Heck, my kiddos don’t even go back to school until tomorrow. They sure don’t need any snow days right now!!

And Erin, You are NOT a scaredy cat. I don’t let my husband on the roof when it’s dry and sunny outside, much less on wet, frozen, three stories off the ground snowy roof.

So I am going to enjoy the day, rain and all. I am going to be thankful it is not snow. I am, I am, even if it kills me. If for no other reason than for my new friend Erin. Who does have snow. Again.

There are some days when you just have to count your many blessings…


2 thoughts on “6 Inches…

  1. LOL! Email spammer! Anyway, Spokane Intl got 8 inches of snow YESTERDAY and it is snowing again today! The schools have not been able to open up following the Christmas break. (Much to the chagrine of my little home-schoolers, who don’t have to go anywhere for school to start!) Now, the weathermen keep promising rain for tomorrow and Thursday, but I’m not sure I should be praying for the rain…the flooding will be horrendous and the weight on the roofs that haven’t yet been shoveled can be the tipping point. Ugh!

    P.S. Thanks for saying I’m not a scaredy-cat!

  2. Still raining here too and we are in a tornado watch. In January! But yes, it’s not snow. My school system started back today, but the kids don’t go back until tomorrow. If it keeps raining, though they may close due to flooding.
    But I am concerned about that birthday snow issue. If we get snow it will be Saturday and currently the forecast is for 40% chance of rain, high of 47 low of 27. But Thursday and Friday are supposed to be dry and warm (mid 50s). I don’t care what is going on that day, I intend to pull my car out and I am working on my tan. Any sun that falls is going to be on my tummy. LOL

    I don’t think I have ever seen a forecast say there was a 100% chance of rain. Weird.

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