Who is still praying??

Last summer we were in a drought. Our pastor called upon us to “Pray without ceasing” for rain. Okay, it is now time to stop praying. Cease and desist people. We are under a flood watch. You can move on already.

I keep telling the kids if they see any neighbors building arks, to go and make friends. Glad I got the Nativity in early, by now Baby Jesus would be drowning in our own front yard.

The dog doesn’t care if he has to go our not, he ain’t sticking his head out the door.

Makes me glad we bought a new roof this summer. At least that which is wet is staying outside .

Just hoping our first day back at school isn’t next week. #2 and #3 are best friends with two sisters that are the same age as my girls. Sunday night my girls spent the night with them. Monday night, they spent the night with us. When I got home today, the youngest one came down holding her stomach, literally doubled over and say, “My stomach is killing me.” She was NOT over acting. I had her sister take her home, I had #2 disinfect the upstairs and #3 is washing her sheets just in case. The other three girls all feel fine, but these things take time to spread. Not much you can do when they’ve been together for 48+ hours, but wait and see.

I never knew what the term doubled over meant until today. She bent at the waist and touched her forehead to her shins in pain. I had never seen anyone do that before.

So if you are still praying for rain, how about praying for some sun shine. Some warmth. At the very least, pray we don’ get the stomach bug. Yuck.

Now I am off to watch the weather. Schools are starting late tomorrow and I am not sure how that will affect me. I guess I can use that time to drive around looking for the starts of any arks.


2 thoughts on “Who is still praying??

  1. If they want to continue to pray for rain, perhaps direct it to drought starved regions, like the Sahara…please…

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