The Sun is shining!

I got up this morning and the sun is shining in the windows! I was so excited, except for the sunshine really catches all the dust bunnies. LOL

It’s amazing the difference in my attitude on a sunny day over a rainy one. On sunny days, I want to get up, clean house, run errands, organize my genealogy… On rainy days, I want to sleep.

I blame it all on my cave dwelling ancestors. I think they were a lot like my dog. On sunny days, he scratches at the back door, ready for the hunt. My cave dwelling ancestors were probably like that too. When it was pretty, the men went out to catch dinosaurs, or buffalo and the women went out made baskets, cleaned fish, did what ever cave dwelling women did.

But on cold rainy days, the entire tribe stayed in the cave. They hunkered down. They slept and rested for the long days of the hunt. They ate food they had stored up on the pretty days. They drew on the walls. (seeing a correlation here yet?)

I have no doubt I am descended from these cave dwelling ancestors. I store most of my fat around my middle. I am good for a long hunt during the summer months, but like a bear, I can store up a lot of food for a long winter’s nap as well. I am even good at sitting in a crouched position for long periods, which would have served my male ancestors well on the hunt, or my female ancestors well working around a fire pit for hours and hours.

And don’t even mention body hair. Geesh!

So it’s pretty today. This cave dweller is planning on getting out and doing a little hunting and gathering today. The kids need lunch menu items and the dog is about out of dog food. Then I will be able to hunker down next week when the weather man is saying we might get some snow.

Who knows, I might even go on a dust bunny hunt this afternoon. 😉


One thought on “The Sun is shining!

  1. LOL! The kids and I decided we are descended from bears, because we want to hibernate! Cave dwellers would work, too, though…I’ll have to let them judge. We saw the sun here today, too! I was so excited…

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