Okay it’s about 24 degrees outside, so none of us want to be trampling through cemeteries today, but I have been working on my blog all afternoon and have moved several cemeteries to the blog today. And have done a little advertising around the blogosphere.

Check me out at http://rutherfordcemetery.wordpress.com/

So today it’s not been about my research, but about giving back. I hope those of you researching in Rutherford County will enjoy the blog and visit often. Don’t forget you can post a comment (even this blog is a waste of time). I will ignore you, of course, but you’ll feel better right?

So as my lovely space heater blows hot air across my feet, I am working hard on the cemeteries blog and being very thankful I am not out there photographing cemeteries today. Or selling Girl Scout cookies. I did buy 4 boxes. As a former leader, I can’t tell the girls no. At least not the first 3 or 4. LOL


One thought on “Cemeteries…

  1. Honestly, I never understood my cousin’s drive to hit cemeteries across the country, I get it. Far from being macabre, they truly testify to a life. Thanks for sharing your post…I found it amazing.

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