Best Laid Plans…

Am I tempting fate with that title?

The kids are out of school for King Lee day tomorrow… Okay let me explain that holiday. In our state, Robert E. Lee’s birthday is celebrated tomorrow. And across the nation Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is also celebrated tomorrow, so around here the holiday is called King Lee day. Very tongue in cheek like.

So back to the post. Tomorrow is King Lee day, and I will have the kids home, all helping me around the house by sleeping till noon, so I decided this morning during my shower, to do my Monday chores this afternoon between church services, and then I’d have tomorrow for some much needed down time. I haven’t had a day to myself (excluding Thursday when I slept all day) since before Christmas because my Mondays have been filled with getting braces off, and holidays.

So today I am going to clean up the mostly already clean house (how’d that happen with mom sick and two separate sleepovers going on?) And play with my genealogy and tomorrow I could just work on marriages and do my laundry, which isn’t much since I didn’t get around to doing Hubby’s until yesterday.

So that’s my best laid plans for the day. What is yours?


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