How’d that happen…

As I mentioned the other day, my desk is very crowded. There was a microfilm machine (you know like they had in high school, for you non-genealogists. I know the genealogist are coveting it. LOL), my laptop, 4 of those magazine boxes of reference books I use often enough to need close at hand, my secondary monitor, and then the other things you need on a desk- mouse, mousepad, pens (okay a pen holder, never pens), stapler (without spring. For some reason, #1 is greatly bothered by the springs in staplers and removes them the first time he uses one. He has always been this way and hasn’t outgrown it), tape dispenser, (okay once again, no tape, just the dispenser).

So I decided I was going to get another filing cabinet (two drawer, this time) to match my desk and put it between the desk and the filing cabinets, to elongate the desk. Well I went to staples and they had their brand that was $99. But reading reviews online, made me wonder if it would be worth the cost to me, because the bottoms of the drawers weren’t made to support weight. You have to use hanging file folders. So I researched online and finally found the furniture I have which is Bush Saratoga. Problem being, they don’t make a 2 drawer filing cabinet, they have a 2 drawer lateral cabinet. That would be great, since it was wider! Yet, my office is only so big, and the remaining part of the wall was only 19″. So after searching the internet for three hours, I decided that I could either A) buy the cheaply made Staples cabinet, B) do without. C) Find some other piece of furniture that would work. I had been looking at accent tables. Online when I remembered my sewing machine.

Now I have a rule of thumb about items of want for myself. Under $40 and I will usually purchase it with little thought. After all, I am pretty frugal and have few wants. $40-80 and I will usually look and see if I can justify the cost, by seeing if the want will save me time and energy, thus benefiting my entire family. (I am quite good at this type of justification. 😉 )

But over $81 and I really struggle to spend the money on a want. But when I went to Staples, the drawer was on sale for $79.99. Was it fated to be mine? The thing was once I decided that $99 wasn’t too bad, then I saw some really pretty ones for $129 and what’s another 30 dollars to a woman who just got birthday money? Then once I mentally justified that, why not spend $159 on this even prettier one? Yikes…

Well, here’s what I settled on. I have an antique sewing machine cabinet that is 16 D x21 W. It was about 2 inches too wide, but I don’t mind covering the door facing. Especially for a free 336 sq inches. So I moved the desk away from the filing cabinets, and put the sewing machine between them and put the reference books on the sewing machine. Now my desk is much more user friendly, but it seems that I only gained an area 12 x 16 or 192 sq inches. GRR. How did that happen. Granted I do have more room behind my laptop that isn’t being used. Hopefully that will allow air to flow more freely behind it.

So I didn’t get any house work done today unless you count cleaning under the desk so that I could move the sewing machine. It, by the way, was in the way of the french doors that go outside, so moving it was beneficial. But now it will be really hard to decide to actually do any sewing. 😉

Now I figure if I actually stick with this system and don’t decide that it looks too crowded with one whole wall full of furniture, then I will probably buy the Staples filing cabinet. It is smaller so I won’t have to cover the door facing and it matches pretty closely to what I have. But I am going to test drive this system for a few days and see if it actually works for me.

Now maybe I can get something done. LOL


One thought on “How’d that happen…

  1. Clearing our physical space helps clear our mental clutter…of course you did what you had to do so you could get something done!

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