I got another award!

This is so cool.


I have to list 5 blogs I like and 5 things I am addicted to.
The latter is so easy. 😉

1 I am addicted to coke. Or pepsi, not particular. Prefer the fountain kind.
2 I am addicted to naps. I love to get in that stage of dozing where your brain goes up and down rabbit trails. Very peaceful.
3 I am addicted to genealogy. Doesn’t even have to be my own.
4 I am addicted to my family. I love doing nothing but spending time with my family.
5 I am addicted to organization. I can’t focus if things are disorganized. I can spend hours watching organization shows.

Now to the five blogs that I most love.

1 Home Ec 101-http://www.home-ec101.com/

The reason I love this blog is that they don’t make excuses for why they can’t cook, clean, organize, whatever we women are in charge of, but rather they show you ways to do it easier, better or just the old fashion way. I have learned tons from them.

2 Nagle 5 News http://www.nagle5.blogspot.com/
Erin sent me the award. I love reading about her life, because we are so much alike, yet our lives are so different. She lives in the Northwest and I live in the Southeast. She loves to ski, I hate anything outside unless the weather is above 75 degrees. She home schools and I love sending my kids to school. She is home with her family and for the first time in 17 years, I am working outside the home. She has two boys and a girl and I have two girls and a boy. Yet we think a lot alike.

3: Twig Talk http://familytwigs.blogspot.com/
Her genealogy blog is what mine is in my mind. 😉 Her site is so beautiful and informative. I just love reading it, though we aren’t in any way related.

4: The Genealogue http://www.genealogue.com/ Yes this is one of the many genealogy blogs I read. I have them set to RSS, so I can read them with my email. I have tried to do a few of his challenges just to keep my skills up in areas other than my normal research.

5 Family Bible http://familybibles.blogspot.com/

This is another site I get via RSS. Haven’t yet seen a family Bible I needed, but I hold out hope. I love that she scans the Bibles in and then also transcribes them. One of my desires is to do rescue on either old Bibles or old pictures. If I ever get the time and money to hit flea markets and thrift stores to buy any, I would love to do the research to return the items to the original families.

So that’s my five. I will inform the lucky winners tomorrow. Now it’s time to get ready for the Bachelor. I am so in love with Jason. LOL So everything must come to a stop so momma can swoon. Since I think Hubby also has a crush on Stephanie from AL, I don’t feel so bad. He’s more likely to meet her than I am to ever meet Jason. Then I have to watch Momma’s Boys. That show is hilarious. So I am off to watch a little of the boob tube. (Sorry couldn’t resist that terrible pun.)


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