Conspiracy Theory…

I need a little help opinions.

As you may know I am in search of Susan Markham, (any spelling of the name) who only shows up on the 1880 census. This is what I know about Susan. She has two daughters. She was not married on the 1880 census. Her daughters were Markhams, but they were also Blaylocks. (Though I have my doubts about Jennie, the oldest, my line.) And, according to her great granddaughters, I am not going to like what I find.

Not much to go on huh?

So here is what I do have to go on: The facts if you will. I do not know if theWilliam Blaylock who is documented below is the sameWilliam Blaylock who apparently had a long term relationship with Susan Markham. Nor am I positive the documents below are all for the same man.

William Blaylock was most likely the son of Charles and Rebecca Blaylock. He was born circa 1832 in TN.
In 1850, he is living with his parents in the 4th Civil District of Wilson County, TN.

By 1860, he had married Mary J. Unknown. (I searched the marriage records for Wilson County, TN from Jan 1838-Dec 1884, and did not find a marriage record for them. Looking again today to be sure I haven’t overlooked them.) They are living in the 5th Civil District of Wilson County, TN.

Notice he has a cute little family. Mary J, his wife, is 32, born in TN. His children are Martha A., Charles T., Joseph E. and Charlotte E.

I haven’t been able to find William in 1870, but in Jun 1870, he is charged with Lewdness in Wilson County, TN. Susan’s daughter, Jennie was born in 1863, just to put their relationship into prospective.
In 1870, Mary J. Blaylock is living with her children in the 4th Civil District of Wilson County. Her husband is not living with her. Notice that her family has expanded to add Nancy and William Jr.


I don’t know at this time who Andy and Harriet Grey are.

In 1880, W. B. Blaylark is living alone, a few doors down from Susan and her daughters. Notice this guy was born circa 1836. He says he is married, but is not living with his wife.

In 1880, M. J. Blaylock is in the 4th District of Wilson County, TN. She lists herself as married, though she is not living with her husband.

On 24 Oct 1883, William Blaylock married Novella Brown in Wilson County, TN.

In 1900, William Brown and his wife Novella are living two doors down from Mary J. Blaylock.


Did the census taker make a mistake, and the name should be Blaylock?

Did the census taker record it right and this is another family?

Or did William Blayock “Jr.” change his name to Brown, so that he would not be associated with his father, William Blaylock, “Sr.”

Now you know my great mystery. P. S. Never found the camera, so had to use #3s. Sorry about the bad image, the microfilm is really light and I wasn’t familiar with her camera.


3 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory…

  1. Was William H Jr”s middle name Harve? In 1910 I find Harve Brown age 52 and Novella Brown age 49 in Civil Dist 5, Wilson Co, TN; sheet 1B, which shoots down my initial thought that Novella talked to the census taker and gave her maiden name by mistake.

  2. Obviously, I have no idea, but that is so cool. I love how each little piece of the puzzle shows you a) more or b) a whole new aspect of the picture. I am in awe!

  3. Applestree,
    That may be my clue as to whether it’s the same person. Mary J.’s son is listed as W. W. and William Brown lists himself as William H, so I would say the Harve Brown is the same person as William H.

    Although I guess if you could change your name from Blaylock to Brown, why not W to H?
    I haven’t been able to find them in 1910, so I will check that page to see if anyone else looks familiar.

    Yup, that is the way genealogy works, one puzzle piece at a time.

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