Why Do I Never Have a Pen?…

Using Dear Myrtle’s organization checklists, she says to first set up our desks the way we want. I did some major moving of furniture and finally I have a fairly good working desk.

Then I sharpened a whole bag of pencils and put them in the pretty container a friend at work bought me last year. Now this morning I have finally beat back the migraine, and dosed up the sinus and I have a few good hours before the buzzy head kicks in and so I thought I would finish up my marriage roll, and I noticed that I have no pencils. None. Nada…

I am assuming that Dear Myrt lives alone or with family that doesn’t steal her pencils, since her checklists don’t say sharpen more pencils each month. She sets up her desk in January, and it seems to stay that way all year. I am so jealous.

Now there’s not a shortage of pencils at my house, they just need to be sharpened, and well, did you read the part about the migraine?

I used to try pens, since I hate writing with pencils anyway, but pens are definitely too attractive. Then I bought one of those really expensive kind and told the kids they would die if they touched it.

Well, someone touched it, but I’ll never know who. It came up missing and hasn’t ever come back. But you know who you are. (I am trying to channel my mom here, who could make you feel guilty that it was missing, even if you weren’t the one who took it.)

This is why I do genealogy on the computer. If I used paper and pen, we would have never found out who my great grandparents were, much less beyond that. I’d still be looking for a pen to write down their parents names. With the computer, the culprits are slowed down. They have to unhook it from the wall. They have to unhook it from the extra monitor. They have to unhook to from the cooling fan. By then, I am on to them and they have to put the computer back. Computers are hard to hide in purses and backpacks. Computers are impossible to hide in your back pocket.

So I am going to start working on my marriage rolls. If anyone sees a good deal on those chains banks use to hold down their pens, send me the link. I am getting desperate here. Maybe this afternoon, while I sleep off the buzzy feeling, I will make the kids sharpen a few pencils.


3 thoughts on “Why Do I Never Have a Pen?…

  1. Or, you could put a flower on the end like they do in banks and doctor’s offices…except, then I can never write correctly with them, because the weight is off! Pens collect in my bedroom, because Superman takes them, uses them, and shoves them in his pockets, to be emptied when he changes for bed. The thing I lose? Scissors…they disappear all the time!

  2. Hi

    I suffered with the same problem with missing pens, erasers etc until a friend came up with an idea.

    I bought one of those really cheap pencil cases that are shaped like an A4 piece of paper folded in half with a zip along the longer side. This now fits nicely under my files in the cabinet where no one can see it.

    Now if someone can help me with my problem of nail scissors, life would be a lot easier still [lol], and batteries are another story. If I go to press the remote control on the tv once more only to find it won’t work, I may commit hari kari.



  3. Lin,
    I had one of those in my purse after school started. It came up missing. Santa bought me three hairbrushes (one for each kid, in their favorite color) for Christmas. I had to put “MOMS DO NOT TOUCH” on all three.

    I put the finger nail clippers on each child’s key chain when they started driving. Now I have a pair hidden for me.

    I gave up on batteries when I had a son. The kid will just play with batteries. Hubby wired his criss, cross, crash to electricity so he could play with it, because he kept taking the batteries out and losing them. So if we want batteries we check his room first. 🙂

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