It all started out so easy…

My family has decided they are tired of pork chops. Our menu has 21 choices, and some of those are repeats. Hubby only likes meat. So that limits the menus and now they want to get rid of pork chops..
So I asked a fairly simple question. Give me a menu item to replace the pork chops with. Any menu item.

Well… you would have thought I had suggested that they each give me an eyeball.

What is so hard about saying, I would like… and that would be good to have every three weeks.

So pork chops are off the menu. Nothing is back in it’s place. Any suggestions.

Here’s the criteria:
Must be a meat.
Must be able to cook plain (no sauce, not in a casserole)
Must not touch vegetables.
Must not contain chicken. We already eat more chicken than people with stock in Tyson Foods. I refuse to add any more chicken to my menu. We already have chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, Cornish game hens, chicken wings, eggs, and barbeque chicken (which hubby doesn’t eat) on the menu. I just can’t stomach another chicken meal without growing wings.

We already have ham, bacon, sausage on the menu and removed the chops.

We already have hamburgers, tacos (hubby doesn’t eat), and steak (twice).

We have fish on the menu as fish sandwiches, and fish sticks. (We eat out on Sundays and eat fish then, as well, a lot.) I also added Tuna Fish to our soup and salad night.

So girls, any ideas. My picky brood will probably shoot you down too, but at least I won’t feel so alone.


4 thoughts on “It all started out so easy…

  1. That is why I like “Mexican” night…meat, plus whatever anyone wants to pile with it and call it a burrito… pot roast would work, too…that’s it…we do breakfast for dinner…would bacon count?

  2. Try what we had tonite: I do boneless pork chops (Costco), dip them in beaten eggs, then Progresso Italian bread crumbs. Bake at 400 for 30 minutes. Juicy (since the juices are sealed in) and different than plain old pork chops.

  3. We do have taco night. The kids don’t care for it much and hubby won’t touch them at all. We also do breakfast for dinner night, hence the bacon, eggs, sausage. This he loves.

    It was mainly him I was trying to get to pick the meat, since the kids will eat about anything. I finally did get potato bar night out of the girls. He said he’d eat cereal. I have tried to find meals he likes that he will eat, but frankly, he still insists on eating like a three year old, and it gets old, and I told him so. Has it really been 28 days already?

    Then he was mad. But I didn’t care. My suggestions were: casserole (any kind), roast, beef stew, barbecue (any kind, we already do chicken, which the kids love, he eats cereal). The man would eat cheerios 7 days a week if I let him.

    So now we are going to have potato bar night and he can eat cheerios. I figure if I purchase the food with his money, cook it with his electricity and serve it on his dishes, and he won’t eat it, that’s his issue, not mine. But it bugs me that he wont even try it.

    I am convinced if I died, they would eat out every single meal. #1 would eat nothing, but hamburgers and the girls would eat nothing but chicken nuggets. But on the positive note, if I don’t want to cook, he’s always willing to go out to eat. He never complains about it. In fact, I think he’s just waiting for me to make the suggestion most nights, so he can get a hamburger in peace.
    Ironically, when we have hamburgers at home, he rarely eats one. Go figure.

  4. Yummy. I am barbecuing some pork chops tonight. But that sounds good too. I have never barbecued them before so I hope they are good. If we like them, I am going to freeze the extras, if not, I am going to take them to work. The girls there eat everything. LOL

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