The key to staying ahead of laundry…

I think I have finally found the key to staying ahead of laundry.

It’s not scheduling, or washing clothes 24/7, or even my humongous LG washing machine, though all those help.

Nope, I am convinced what makes women get behind on laundry are….

Wait for it….

Laundry baskets.

Yup. I got rid of my laundry baskets and now my laundry stays caught up. We each have a hamper in our rooms for dirty clothes. I have three in the Utility room for sorting clothes on your laundry day. I wash, dry and hang up straight from the drier, totally avoiding the use of a laundry basket. No more washing clothes again, because the cat slept in them. No more washing clothes again, because clean clothes in a basket look a lot like dirty clothes in a basket. No more washing clothes again, because these are all wrinkled and I put a few dirties on top.

Yup, I am convinced that the nemesis of all women trying to stay ahead of laundry is the laundry basket.

Now I am off to run to the Orthodontist and Dentist, the grocery store, Walmart, the post office, the thrift store (to get rid of the clothes from the closet) any other chore Hubby can think of, and hopefully home to finish my marriage rolls. No wonder I never get any genealogy done. These dang descendants keep demanding food and clothing and new shoes. šŸ˜‰ Got my laundry done last night and all put away.
So today is going to be a ME day once I get done with all that. I am going to work on my genealogy and maybe on the cemetery pages, and maybe take a nap before I have to pick up the girls and head to gymnastics. Our first class.


2 thoughts on “The key to staying ahead of laundry…

  1. I agree 100%…7 years ago, I got rid of all but one central laundry basket and viola, I never have piles of laundry…So, I don’t think you’re crazy.

    P.S. Have fun at the ortho–we’re in between kids with that right now…hope gymnastics is awesome!

  2. We started our retainer today. #3 will probably start this time next year. I am in no hurry with two headed to college because her mouth is terrible and her sisters was $5000. YIKES. But it has been worth it, if she’ll stick with the retainer. She’s in a little competition with her best friend and I am hoping that keeps her motivated. Friend didn’t wear head gear and is now two years over her get them off date. #2 did and is all done (well at least when I rode her case. LOL)

    I hope she has a good time. SHe is such a homebody that I am looking forward to something to get her out of the house.

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