How Do You Recharge Your Batteries?

My oldest two children are 16 months and 6 days apart, yet act more like twins than two children born seconds apart. Except for mine are the ying and yang of personalities.

He is dark. His hair is dark, his skin is dark, his personality is dark. When he was little he could cry at the drop of a hat. As he got older, he would get upset about something and go into his room and sleep for days.

She is light. Her hair is blond, she is fair complected (don’t get this kid anywhere near sunlight), her personality is light. She was born singing. Every single picture I have of her she is smiling. She wakes at sunup singing and goes to bed at midnight singing.

He struggles through school. He didn’t talk in words until he was 4. She would tell us what he was saying at 8 months. She rarely has to do homework to get all As.

He recharges his batteries by being totally alone. He is content to go days without seeing another person. After a few days sabbatical from his friends, he is ready to hang out again.
She recharges her batteries by being in a crowd. She is content to party all the time. She only deflates when left alone.

I am sort of a combination of the two. I love people and have to be around others, but when my batteries really get low, I have to be left totally alone. That is why I don’t work on Mondays. I spend the entire day piddling around my house recharging my batteries. But since Christmas, I haven’t had a Monday alone and my batteries are very low. I can feel the internal stress. I can tell I am overly short with people. I need a Monday all to myself with no errands, no responsibilities.

My batteries are low this week. Beware! I tend to get snippy when I have low batteries.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Recharge Your Batteries?

  1. It depends…sometimes it can be as simple as reading a good book, other times I must go DO something, and still others I must CHANGE something at home. I’ve noticed since I’m 1300 miles from my best friends, that I’ve had to find new ways to cope. Sitting and chatting over a Diet Coke was my choice then…$1.50 once a week saved my sanity on more than one occasion. (My children are as different as you’ve described yours as being, making the challenge even more difficult when EVERYONE is cranky!)

  2. For me it’s about cleaning my house, I like the order, and working at my computer, but mainly having no demands on my time for 6 whole hours. It’s supposed to snow Monday, so maybe we won’t have school Tuesday and I can really recharge.

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