To spend or not to spend…

Okay, the economy is starting to suck. And my family is doing our part to help.
You see the way a consumerist economy works is we all spend lots of money, which creates jobs, which allows more people to spend lots of money, which creates more jobs, which is the song that never ends…

But read blogs all over the internet, and you see people saving money, downsizing their spending, paying off credit. That is bad news for the economy, because when I spend less, jobs go away, creating more people who spend less, making less jobs, which is the song that has a horrible ending.

So how can average Joe help the economy. Spend money. But average Joe doesn’t have money and with the economy bad, he’s not going in debt to do so. So how bad will the economy get? Well, how much are you and your family cutting back? Five percent, ten, twenty-five? Whatever the average of our cutting back is, that is going to be how bad the economy gets.

Now this isn’t a bad thing. After decades of overspending, we need to cut back, save more, spend less. The economy needs an adjustment. But if your family is like ours and took a pay cut, or lost an income, then this doesn’t seem like a good thing. It seems like a sucky thing.

So how do we turn things around? Well, first we have to let the economy adjust itself. In the seventies that took a while and inflation was horrible. Hopefully that won’t happen again. Then we need to spend money. But as a nation, we need to spend it responsibly. Spending thousands upon thousands of dollars we don’t have is not going to save the economy or us. Buying houses we can’t afford isn’t helping at all, that’s what got us in this predicament now. We need to go back to a nation that spends money wisely. That saves money each month. Who uses credit for emergencies, and pays it off when the emergency passes. Credit should not be used on Big Macs (I know I use mine every where now, but I also pay it off at the end of each month).

The time to start spending wisely is now. Living within our means, not as if there is no tomorrow. And we need to pray for those who have lost income. They can’t spend what they don’t have. Not only are they struggling, but their not being able to spend is affecting the economy for the rest of us. When you can, eat out. When you can use service companies that you have used in the past. Those people provide not only a service to you, but jobs to your friends and neighbors. How do you help the little man in a bad economy? You shop at his establishment.

How long will this last? No one knows. We are working on our rainy day fund, but we are also looking for ways to afford the occasional dinner out. Not just for our fun, but to bless those in the restaurant industry as well. Who knew having a dinner and a movie could be a mission trip?


2 thoughts on “To spend or not to spend…

  1. I think we desperately need a return to that much maligned idea of common sense. I know we have been working to find that balance in our own home and I suspect the same is going on in homes across the nation. It will be the little things we do that fix the whole thing.

  2. Yes, but as hubby said, it’s the ones who are guilty of the mess that won’t pay for the mess, but the little guy trying so hard to do what was right all along. Paying his bills, no debt, now has no job because his company was overextended.

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