I just wanted to sleep in…

Monday was my first day off in months that I had no responsibilities. I had big plans. I was going to sleep in. Then I was going to watch soaps and work on my genealogy. And take a nap…

Then #1 came down with broken glasses. Okay fine, I can still do most of what I planned. The Dr. doesn’t open till 8. Then he gets in the shower and I hear a huge crash and then lots of loud bumps. Then nothing. #2 has fallen down the stairs. She can’t move. I am up, alert, dressed and ready to go in ten seconds. So I drive her to the Urgent care and my best friend picks #3 up there and takes her to school. Several hours later, we find out nothing is broken, but she’s still in a lot of pain.

The glasses can’t be fixed, but were thankfully under warranty. A new pair will take a week. So I am trying to hot glue the old pair. Trust me, this wasn’t what I planned, but God did keep us safe and hopefully it will seem funny in a few days like most accidents do. I assure you it doesn’t seem that way now. Luckily #1 has long bangs. Maybe no one will notice the hot glue. LOL It’s either that, or he can wear one side and an eye patch and we can tell everyone he has a lazy eye. He’s too old to be a pirate. So it looks like I am back on carpool duty for a few days.

I did get the nap though. Carrying around a sixteen year old can do a number on your back, so I came home and took a nap with her on the heating pad, just in case. I feel fine, but don’t want to take any chances at all.

And hey, if the economy doesn’t get better soon, I’ll have a lucrative career in hot gluing eye glasses back together. It looks like it just might stay.


2 thoughts on “I just wanted to sleep in…

  1. Hi

    I do understand totally.

    I always use the co-op near us, they have everything I want, it is clean, tidy and the staff are helpful. I also know where everything is.

    Hubby decided that we should use Tesco’s which is a couple of miles further away but 3x the size. Yes the prices were slightly cheaper but I came out still missing half of the items from my list. I make all our bread so needed some yeast, could I find it with the flour etc no, for some reason it was with the beer making products, and this was what it was like all the way round.

    When I mentioned this to a Manager, his reply was “we don’t decide where things go, it is decided by head office”. My response was “well I can tell you that if they attempted to shop here, they would do exactly as I am now, walking out.”

    I am now shopping back at the co-op.



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